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Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting my website.  I am honored to serve as the State Senator from District 18, one of the most dynamic and diverse districts in Boise.  As a classroom teacher for 33 years, I understand how important a quality education is to our children and the economy of Idaho.  Businesses need a highly skilled workforce and our children and grandchildren require good paying jobs, so they can stay in Idaho.  It is with a clear vision and even firmer resolve that I strive to meet the needs and expectations of my District 18 neighbors.

My goal as a legislator is to enact policies that maximize Idaho’s investments, enable businesses to succeed, maintain what we all love about Idaho (clean water, clean air, and access to public lands), and enable our children and grandchildren to succeed and thrive in Idaho.  In the Senate, I have worked tirelessly for students, parents, educators, and the citizens of Idaho.  I am proud of the bills I have sponsored and carried on the floor.  This year I sponsored and carried 19 bills (link these).

During my time in the senate, we have made progress in teacher pay, school facilities funding, deferred maintenance for roads and bridges, broadband access, updating water facilies, property tax relief, and income tax rate reduction; however, there is still more to do.  We still have an antiquated education funding formula, zero protection for IVF in Idaho, a lack of clarity on when doctors can intervene to save the life of the mother is still unresolved, Idaho doctors continue to be threatened with jail and loss of their licenses, cost of housing keeps people from living where they work, and property taxes remain too high.  As a member of the Minority Leadership Team, Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee, Commerce and Human Resource Committee, and Senate Education, I will continue to advocate for funding for public schools, real property tax relief, quality childcare for working families, affordable housing, protection for doctors and families, and voting access for Idahoans.

As one of the fastest growing areas in the nation, there are opportunities and challenges.  I am confident that through hard work, dedication, and continued collaboration, we can meet these challenges.  I pledge to work tirelessly on your behalf to support investment in quality education, encourage responsible economic growth, protect our quality of life, and promote tolerance for all Idahoans.

If I can be of assistance, please contact me.  It is an honor and privilege to represent you.  Thank you for being involved and for your support and input.

Warmest Regards,

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Senator Janie Ward-Engelking